John Maxwell defines a coach as "…someone who can come alongside of you and can correct you without criticizing..."

At the heart of coaching, there are processes of self-discovery, awareness and choice. Coaching therefore is a purposeful process which not only exposes the truth that you are the cause of all effects, but also makes you aware that you cannot express in your life what you are not aware of.

My coaching strategy consists of taking the time to understand YOU. Together, we explore how you think and what your worldview is. How do you relate to others? How do you make decisions? What are the fears that are holding you back and stunting your personal and professional growth?

As soon as we establish this, we discuss possible solutions. I offer you a different perspective. One that will challenge your previous way of thinking in such a way that it expands your thinking. You will gain insight into yourself, as well developing your ability to overcome limiting paradigms and achieve the goals you set for yourself or your organisation.

TNTE offer two levels of coaching support:

  • Individual Coaching – one on one private and confidential coaching

    One-on-one coaching is an uplifting and enlightening experience. Our starting point is discovering your true life’s purpose. What are your dreams? What is your vision? What are your goals? Where are you heading in terms of your life and your career? What is holding you back and thus needs to be changed? I will guide you, challenge you and inspire you into discovering what it is that you really want. During our weekly meetings, we will embark on a life-enhancing process that will result in clarity of purpose. Because I walk beside you, you will have someone to whom you are accountable. Someone who will ensure that you do the inner and outer work necessary to ensure permanent and lasting change. You will see growth starting to take place in your life. Most importantly, you will start seeing different and better results. It is an investment in yourself which cannot be measured in terms of money. Are you worth it?

  • Group Coaching – small setting onsite or via webinar and video technology

    The work done in a group setting differs from that of the one-on-one sessions in one important aspect: A group creates its own unique and unpredictable energy. The value of coaching a group of different individuals lies in having the input of each member of the group. These results in the group creating solutions and ideas that are as rich and diverse as the individual members of the group itself. It serves its own purpose (as does one-on-one coaching), but it is a magnificent tool for creating discussion, stimulating creative thinking and binding together the group as a whole. This process has the potential to create a sense of unity and cohesion between individual members. Everyone feels included, and everyone contributes. The resulting output is created by means of teamwork. This is just the thing for lifting the morale of a particular group, especially if there is a history of contrary thinking and lack of cohesion amongst the members of any relevant group of people. I strive to ensure a safe, relaxed atmosphere where free expression is welcomed and appreciated.

If you feel that you want to invest in yourself as the owner of your organisation, or in any unit that is a part of that organisation, please contact TNTE for ideas on how to turn dreams into possibilities. You will not regret it, and I guarantee that you will soon see a turnaround in terms of measurable results.