"Everything rises and falls on leadership." - John Maxwell

Leadership is one of the cornerstones in local, national and international community. It is, therefore, an absolute must to invest in identifying and nurturing individuals with leadership potential in your company or organisation. The same is true of each individual. A person who is blind, cannot lead another. Both will land up in a ditch. It is therefore vital to first open one’s own eyes to one’s own leadership abilities. Then it will be easy to take the lead and become a true leader in the words of John Maxwell the kind that “… is not about titles, positions or flowcharts (but) is about one life influencing another

The On-line Maxwell Leadership Assessment

The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is an online resource that offers a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s leadership, based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. Being a leader is all about influencing the lives of others. To grow in leadership, one must therefore first grow in influence. This resource, (based on our 5 Levels of Leadership methodology), was designed to measure your current level of influence by means of your own self-assessment according to 64 important factors, as well as taking into consideration the feedback from others around you, including supervisors and colleagues (referred to as “raters”). This information is then used to establish your current level of influence and target your leadership growth.

The Leadership Game

I invite you to join me and other business leaders, professional speakers, and trainers as we experience the brand new “John Maxwell Team Leadership Game.”  I am excited to share this innovative and valuable tool with you to improve your organizational leadership skills. This game is like no other leadership tool you have ever experienced before.  This game is a comprehensive resource based on the teachings of leadership expert, John C. Maxwell that will help you and guide you become the best leader you can be!

The Leadership Game is a fun and innovative resource based on the teachings of John Maxwell. The game will help YOU increase your leadership value within your organization or business. By playing this game, you will be able to raise the leadership awareness of your team, clients, and co-workers and introduce the timeless leadership principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection!

Make the decision to invest in yourself or your organisation NOW. Contact me for more information on these valuable resources aimed at growing and developing the leaders in your organisation.