Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it" - Brian Tracy

TNTE mastermind group facilitated by Yimile invites you to join in discussions & conversations on leadership growth — benefiting you both personally and professionally. In brief, masterminding entails the collaboration of like-minded individuals sharing ideas, experiences and advice with each other as a team.
The introduction of new, different perspectives promises to be just the lift you need to get you out of the rut of thinking and behaving that previously had you stuck. What makes a mastermind group such an excellent tool is the fact that it teaches the discipline of accountability. As your coach, I am accountable to the group, and the group is accountable to me and to each other.

Mastermind groups is a versatile and flexible tool. Individuals who wish to become part of one of my mastermind groups can do so, irrespective of their location. You might live anywhere in South Africa — or indeed — the world, and you can still join in. This is because these groups will be conducted via teleconferencing, or some other agreed upon method, such as video conferencing, making use of online resources such as Skype. Are you working full time and have no time during working hours? No problem! Mastermind groups can be scheduled around the needs of its members and can take place after hours or over weekends.

Here are some of the benefits of joining a mastermind group:

  • Your own experience and confidence is increased
    • You get access to a support network that has the potential to be a valuable resource
    • You can ask and give honest feedback, advice and information from peers
    • You can avoid pitfalls pointed out by others, learning from their mistakes
    • You receive mental stimulation and moral support, encouraging you on your journey of growth and self-discovery
    • You have the freedom to join any group focusing on subject matter that interests you

Does this sound enticing? If you are interested, please contact TNTE for more information.